La Santé is the first European concept spa in Asia and the jewel in The Chateau Wellness Resort’s crown. Combining the best of European spa expertise with renowned Asian hospitality, La Santé offers a holistic experience to those who wish to embark on a journey towards wellness.


The Spa houses spacious yet private treatment rooms for creating the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible for our valued guests. The more premium rooms even allow spa guests to have an outdoor massage experience where they can be one with nature.


Immerse yourself here as we take you on a journey of rejuvenation and tranquillity like no other. Our team of specialists consisting of personal nutritionists, physicians and personal instructors are here to deliver tailor-made and individualized therapies and programmes and to incite interest and know how on the path towards complete wellbeing.


The purest organic materials sourced from overseas are used at La Santé. Each of our spa packages are programmed to soothe and pamper, perfect for individuals or couples who seek to exchange the bustling of the city with complete peace and relaxation.